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Spring is a time of planting seeds. Spring is a time of re-emergence. Spring is a time of blossoming. Spring is a time of renewal.

It takes energy and a powerful force for plants, flowers, and trees to re-awaken—just as it does for humans. Many think of spring as an exuberant and joyful time, which it is, and the emergence of new life is also one of a stronger and more disruptive energy.

Some colleagues and I were discussing this topic the other day and we sensed deeper into the disruptive energy that lies within and around us right now. We reflected on how this more disruptive energy is sometimes seen as “bad” or “aggressive”, yet if managed well (using our Emotional Intelligence), it can transcend to a force of good.

As we shift into Spring, I believe it helps to reflect on these three questions:

  • What disruptive energy needs to be released in you to awaken your purpose?
  • What fresh energy needs to be unleashed within the teams you are leading?
  • What unconventional idea needs to be experimented with to nudge your organization, community, or system in a forward direction?

For me, I’m being called to to continue and deepen my work with gender equity (look for a new Forbes article soon). And to even go beyond gender equity in order to understand the broader population who feel oppressed and those who are seen as oppressors. I seek to understand what role my work may play there.  

So I ask: How can we use this underlying friction, likened to the energy produced when the sun, water, and soil permeate a seed, to expand out of our fear and anger and into our highest selves?

I’d love to hear from you and any reflections or thoughts sparked from the questions above.

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The photo is a creation by my daughter when visiting Moab, Utah this spring.