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The Sherpa Way: Leadership Journeys in Nepal

Launching August 2025 and Trekking to Nepal October 28-November 14, 2025

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  • How might confronting the vastness of Nepal’s peaks transform your perspective?

  • When did you last encounter a person or place that stirred your deepest humility?

  • What do you need to unlearn and how will you adapt as familiar paths no longer guide the way forward?

  • Are you ready to find the Sherpa within and transform the way you lead?

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We dream of a world where leadership is a bridge to a more unified and harmonious society, inspired by the simplicity and the strength of the Sherpa Way.

The Sherpa Way is a 5-month experience with a small cohort of leaders facilitated by master Sherpa guides and seasoned leadership coaches. We are confident that the awe, connection and growth you will experience in the Himalaya will transform you. Therefore, this journey begins with purpose and intent long before we arrive in Nepal and continues with lessons, integration, and application after we return.

The Sherpa Way Program Structure

The Sherpa Way: Leadership Journeys in Nepal

Your Guides on This Journey

Sherpa family owned and operated Sherpa Mountain Adventures has led climbs, treks and tours throughout Nepal, Buthan and Mustang for nearly 30 years. With an impeccable reputation both within the guiding community of Nepal and client base throughout the world, SMA is also a nonprofit, reinvention resources into the rural Hiamalya through health care, environmental stewardship and education.

Our leadership coaches, Renelle Everett Darr and Jeff Klem, bring years of outdoor training, deep leadership and organizational coaching and consulting experience, and importantly, a deep regard for the Himalayas and the people of that land. Both have trekked in Nepal and had transformative experiences and knew this needed to be brought to leaders.

Renelle has coached and partnered with thousands of leaders on their journey of growth and transformation. Previously holding positions at EY, Deloitte, United Way, and The North Highland Company she understands complex organizations and the impact business has on the planet. She is known for meeting people where they are at and inspiring courageous leaps forward.

Jeff brings over 30 years of consulting, corporate and C-Suite experience with deep expertise in executive team development, culture transformation and leadership development. Since he began his professional career, Jeff has been dedicated to creating environments where people choose to do their best work and be their best self.

What People Are Saying

The only aspect of the journey I was ill prepared for was the deep and lasting impact the people, culture and natural beauty of the Himalaya would have on my inner life. I’ve carried it within me each day forever after. My trip did not end with my return home, in fact, it had just begun.

EricWest Springfield, PA.

The experience was extraordinary - from the majestic mountains to the unique culture. Karma and the entire team of Sherpas led us in a way that we were both comfortable and challenged.

LeeNew York, NY.

For me, the trek was a pilgrimage of sorts, across ancient pathways and landscapes allowing me to settle into and listen to rhythm, not just of my footfalls, but of my thoughts, emotions and sense of myself.

EmmaWeymouth, England

Journey With Us!

Find the Sherpa within you.

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