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Organizational Change & Strategy

Strategic Transformations:
Shaping the Future of Organizations

In an era marked by constant evolution and shifting challenges, strategic transformations are not just necessary—they are essential to reshape and future-proof your organization.

At Insight Coaching & Consulting, we partner closely with CEOs and leadership teams to co-create resilient strategies and adaptive cultures, focusing on sustainable growth and profound organizational change. This approach ensures your organization adapts to today’s demands and thrives in tomorrow’s world.

Strategy with a Human Touch

Our strategic planning process is designed to be inclusive and dynamic, bringing more voices and ideas to the table and fostering higher engagement. This methodology accelerates organizational progress and also ensures that it’s aligned with the core values and vision of stakeholders.

Our services extend to end-to-end strategic planning, helping you from the initial assessment phase through to the implementation and review stages, ensuring continuous alignment with your evolving organizational culture.

Holistic Approach to Change

Integrating our deep expertise in change management, finance, and IT with a persistent focus on the human element, we help ensure that organizational change is sustainable deeply rooted in enhancing human potential, leading to healthier and more adaptive systems.

Our services include several techniques such as organizational assessments, change training and workshops, culture interviews, listening sessions, and more.

Ongoing Support & Retainers

To sustain the momentum of transformation and adaptation within your organization, we offer ongoing retainers that provide continuous support and guidance.

This service is ideal for organizations seeking to maintain a competitive edge and uphold a robust organizational culture of continuous improvement and proactive change management.

InSight's support of our strategic planning work was invaluable. Renelle facilitated a process that integrated the voices of front-line staff, board members and organizational leaders. This process engaged and educated staff while also providing the tools to prioritize key strategies. Renelle also supported the ongoing development of the leadership team throughout this process, always providing insight into opportunities for growth. She is a skilled, knowledgeable, and creative facilitator and coach with a wide range of experience to support diverse teams at all stages of development.

Susan RobertsonChief Strategy Officer

I believe Insight’s unique grassroots approach will ultimately drive long-term ownership of the strategic plan across the company.

Ross BrooksCEO

Humanize Your Strategy: Thrive in Complexity

Responding to moving targets and constantly innovating is difficult. Whether it is facilitating an off-site or co-creating strategic culture shift, we will help you thrive in complexity.


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