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Awakening Conscious Leadership for Systemic Change

Renelle inspires and equips leaders to master business challenges with a blend of wisdom and empathy. Known for her engaging and transformative approach, Renelle focuses on nurturing leaders who are emotionally intelligent and adept at creating positive, systemic changes within their organizations.

Most Requested Topics:

  • What is Conscious Leadership? Exploring the Foundations and Impact: Renelle breaks down the key practices that define effective, conscious leadership.
  • Healing Leaders: The Key to Systemic Organizational Change: Learn how personal transformation in leaders is essential for driving meaningful changes throughout their organizations.
  • Beyond Logic: Harnessing Intuition and Heart in Leadership: Discover the benefits of integrating intuition and emotional depth into your leadership approach.
  • Leading Forward: Women’s Impact on Conscious Leadership: Explore the unique influence and insights women bring to evolving leadership paradigms.
  • The Power of Holding Space: Fostering Connection in Complex Workplaces: Learn the art of holding space, a critical skill that enhances communication, empathy, and understanding within teams, especially in complex workplace settings.
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence: Cultivating Awareness & Connection: Focus on the development of emotional intelligence to deepen leaders’ self-awareness and their understanding of others. Renelle guides participants through essential practices that enhance connectivity and leadership presence.

Popular Workshops:

  • The Enneagram
  • Reinventing Organizations & the Journey to a Teal Organizational Consciousness
  • Polarities
  • Active Listening & Holding Space
  • Rupture & Repair in the Workplace
  • Walk the Mat (Conscious Leadership & Leadership Circle Overview)
  • Purpose, Values & Visioning
  • 9D Breathwork With Janice Fairley
  • The Art in Leadership with Chuck Ceraso

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What Others Are Saying:

InSight has continuously brought high-impact, creative and experiential programs to our leadership Summit where we gather 600 members of our senior leadership annually. InSight is a partner with the ability to bring us fresh ideas and thought leadership aligned with our highest priority leadership and culture development strategies.

Jeff Klem
Vice President of Talent Development
Vail Resorts

Renelle helped us get to the meat of conversations much quicker. We have a common language as an executive team, as well as deeper trust and collaboration. It really comes down to leaders being the most whole, authentic people they can be.

Ross Brooks
Chief Executive Officer
Mountain Family Health Centers

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Her stories, inspiring presence, interactive approach, and actionable insights energize and motivate. She is known for meeting people where they are at and inspiring courageous leaps forward.