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Learn how we’ve helped clients take part in the workplace evolution and tap into their top strengths, values, and talents to build their bottom line.

Building a Thriving Workforce

With an exhausted and disconnected workforce at the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mountain Family Health Centers wanted to take a new approach to its strategic planning. They wanted a strategic plan that employees could connect with, and a process that would include them.

Strategic Growth Amidst Leadership Change

By enlisting Insight InSight Coaching & Consulting and retooling areas of focus in their strategic planning, Highline Academy Executive Director Chris Ferris improved communication and trust among leaders of the academy and unified the organization’s board…

A Remote Team Becomes a Collective

After being acquired by Levine Leichtman Capital Partners and adding three new members to their executive team in a six-month period, TRC Healthcare had an ambitious growth plan—and they needed a cohesively functioning executive team to match it…

3 CEOs Evolve Their Leadership Practices For A New Paradigm of Leadership, Productivity, and Well-Being

The Leading Through Epochal Change journey helped these 3 healthcare CEOS manage through uncertainty, business growth, shifting organizational structures, and the evolution of the modern workplace.