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We Walk the Journey with You

Our Approach

Founded in 2009, InSight Coaching & Consulting stands out for our dedication to enhancing bottom lines, while fundamentally transforming leaders and organizations from the inside out. We foster workplaces that are more conscious, inclusive, collaborative, and human-centered.

Our approach to conscious leadership bridges the gap between analytical and linear thinking and the intuitive and embodied sensing necessary to evolve with the complexity and uncertainty of our times.

We focus on conscious leadership as this enables change to start upstream and prevent the costly downstream systemic impacts of ineffective leadership such as burnout, turnover, and more.

We are committed to developing leaders and teams who lead with their head and their heart and actively engage in creating environments that embody wisdom, empathy, and a visionary approach to systemic change.

InSight partners with many first-class coaches and consultants who draw on decades of experience across industries to deliver powerful transformations and guide our clients toward their strategic goals while making a difference in the world.

Our Six Foundational Pillars

Deep Healing

We guide leaders on an in-depth personal journey of transformative growth and self-awareness.

Holistic Approach

We blend pragmatic business acumen with deep emotional insights, going beyond traditional binary thinking.

Creating Space

We create and hold safe, courageous spaces that enable introspection and growth.

Embodied Leadership

We help you move from intellectual understanding to embodied practice.

Systemic Shift

We help you leverage deep leadership insights as catalysts that drive organizational and systemic change.

Co-Creative Model

We focus on enduring, impactful partnerships, valuing deep, meaningful engagements.

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.


About Renelle Everett Darr, Founder & CEO

Renelle Everett Darr, Founder of InSight Coaching & Consulting, offers personalized, holistic executive leadership coaching and development services helping leaders and companies heal and transform their organizations into workplaces of purpose and impact.

Elevating the essence of leadership across the globe, she is a pioneer in cultivating environments where burnout is replaced with purpose, emotional intelligence flourishes and teams are empowered to redefine what it means to lead and succeed.

Previously holding positions at EY, Deloitte, United Way, and The North Highland Company she understands complex organizations and the impact business has on the planet.

She has served as a contributing author to Forbes and mentors founders in several of TechStars’ Accelerator programs.

Her stories, inspiring presence, interactive approach, and actionable insights energize and motivate. She is known for meeting people where they are at and inspiring courageous leaps forward.

When we heal ourselves, we will heal our systems.

Renelle Everett Darr

On a Personal Note

As someone who has taught skiing on Colorado’s slopes and led trips in remote wilderness areas, I’ve experienced firsthand how nature challenges us and fosters growth. From these high-altitude adventures to exploring the cultural richness of Nepal, each experience has deeply influenced my approach to well-being and leadership. These adventures are vital parts of my journey towards greater self-awareness and unity with the world.

This deep connection to nature, movement, and diverse global cultures shapes my approach to leadership coaching. By integrating these elements, I emphasize that effective leadership is rooted in continuous personal growth and an understanding of our interconnected world. It is this commitment to ongoing development and well-being that forms the core of our brand promise, inspiring leaders to cultivate a balanced and enriching life, both professionally and personally.

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