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This is one of our most popular LinkedIn posts in 2023. We partner with the Leadership Circle to accelerate the growth of leaders. See why below.

Conscious leaders create better cultures and business outcomes.

You are also needed to help shift the larger challenges we have on our planet (climate, poverty, racism, sexism, war, etc.).

The journey and shifts using The Leadership Circle are key to this evolution. Here are some key tensions that we work on and explore in the movement from Reactive to Creative.

1. FROM SAFETY TO PURPOSE: I focus on what keeps me safe. **TO** I understand that safety is important and I also stretch into what feels most purposeful for me and for the world.

2. FROM OUTSIDE-IN TO INSIDE-OUT: I make decisions and shape actions based on what I perceive the outside world expects of me. **TO** I embody my core values and shape my actions from the inside-out.

3. FROM PROBLEM TO OUTCOME: When there is a challenge, I focus on making the problem go away. **TO** I see a challenge and direct focus to the outcome that will help solve this problem.

4. FROM EITHER/OR TO BOTH/AND: My thinking is limited by two opposing either/or choices. **TO**  I can see situations with multiple perspectives where paradox and both/and are possible.

I’m on the journey with you. It is the most rewarding growth journey I’ve ever undertaken and is vital to activating an evolved workplace.