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Executive Leadership Coaching

A New Era: The Imperative for Deep Leadership Work

In an era defined by rapid transformation, the deep work of leaders is not just important—it’s imperative to shift our systems and paradigms. We offer a partnership approach and serve as a trusted guide for CEOs and leaders embarking on transformative journeys, focusing on deep, sustained growth.

We balance our process with structure and emergence using assessment, embodiment, parts work, polarities, belief structures, holotropic breathwork, nature, and other practices that facilitate sustained shift and growth.

Client Partnership Retainers

Our Client Partnership Retainers offer flexible, ongoing support tailored to meet the evolving needs of leaders and their organizations. While we provide one-on-one coaching, we also engage with your leadership teams and entire organization as needed. This collaborative approach allows us to co-create solutions and strategies that are most effective for your specific challenges and opportunities. Whether it’s developing team dynamics, enhancing organizational culture, or refining leadership skills, our retainers ensure you have continuous access to expert guidance and support. This partnership is designed to adapt and evolve with you, ensuring sustained growth and transformation across all levels of your organization.

Individual & Team Six and 12-Month Packages

Our six and 12-month packages are designed to guide leaders through a comprehensive, personalized journey of growth and self-discovery. These extended engagements allow us to deeply understand your unique challenges and aspirations, enabling us to tailor our support to your specific leadership goals. Over the course of our partnership, you will gain profound insights into your own leadership style, develop new strategies for handling complex issues, and strengthen your ability to lead with authenticity and impact. This process is not just about enhancing skills—it’s about transforming you into the leader you aspire to be, ready to navigate the demands of today’s dynamic business environment.

Three-Session Assessment & Discovery Package

Our Three-Session Assessment & Discovery Package is the perfect starting point for leaders looking to gain a clearer understanding of their current leadership landscape. Over three focused sessions, we will explore your leadership strengths, pinpoint areas for growth, and begin to map out a pathway for your development. This package is designed to set the foundation for your growth journey, providing you with valuable insights that will guide your choices in our more extensive coaching programs. It’s an excellent way to start your transformation with structured guidance and expert assessment.

We use a number of powerful assessments to support leaders and their teams.

We also offer these impactful leadership development programs:


Renelle helped us discover things we hadn’t thought about before. Instead of looking at the world in a binary way, there might be a third option, Renelle is that third option.

President, AI Software Development Company

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