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The workplace can be frustrating for leaders seeking a new way to live and work purposefully. The acute focus on short-term results and the bottom line often leaves leaders and teams feeling alienated and undervalued. Increasingly, many of us are looking for more from our careers than money: we want to find meaning and make a difference. Many people spend more than half their waking life working, so shouldn’t it enable personal growth and deep relationships? Moreover, adding this as a business strategy increases results and financial success! Conscious leaders can help their teams find fulfillment in their work and, at the same time, be more effective at their job.

Why does conscious leadership matter?

Conscious leadership requires us to look inside and examine our beliefs, assumptions, triggers, and thoughts to grow our outer competence. Learning this is a lifelong process that changes everything. Conscious leadership helps us to be competent leaders who are self-aware and emotionally intelligent, helping us make better strategic decisions and deepen relationships. We can move from operating reactively to functioning centered on our inner purpose, where values and strengths guide our contributions to our organizations.

What does conscious leadership look like? 

Conscious leadership is essential in creating innovative, agile organizations with cultures where employees are engaged and fulfilled. Every teammate can fulfill their purpose while working collectively towards a common goal. Conscious leadership creates an environment where leaders no longer require compliance or conformity. Instead, the leader facilitates the crafting and sharing of a vision and supports people to use their gifts and come together. Conscious leaders create and hold space where employees can grow; employees can find meaning at work and produce extraordinary results. It involves a deeper awareness and consideration of how leaders impact all stakeholders: employees, customers, communities, and the environment.

Too often, we only look at organizational structure and process changes when addressing business challenges or the evolution of an organization. We often overlook the individual and collective inner work required to shift an organization and the impact an effective leader makes. 

Elevating Conscious Leadership with InSight Coaching & Consulting

We support leaders and organizations in cultivating a conscious leadership mindset and to this end have created a specific Elevating Conscious Leadership development program. Our Elevating Conscious Leadership journeys can help change lives and shift businesses.

Our approach is an interactive 6-9 month journey that helps leaders evolve through a personal journey and realize sustained growth and effectiveness as a leader. Elevating Conscious Leadership is an immersive experience that fosters experimentation, self-awareness, and presence. It can be completed online, in person, or both. The program typically has 6-10 members that journey through as a cohort. 

The journey begins with The Leadership Circle 360™ profile that is debriefed one-on-one with an executive coach. The full group then gathers and processes the results more fully. Over the course duration, there are group sessions and a few more individual coaching sessions. Some organizations elect for the cohort to take on a small project to benefit the organization. Participants earn the InSight Coaching & Consulting Conscious Leader certification.

As a result of the program, leaders will experience profound developmental shifts, and their organizations will see courageous leaders ready to contribute in new, more impactful ways. Within organizations, these leaders will bring about stronger company cultures, implement better strategic planning, and ultimately improve the business’s bottom line. 

After one or more cohorts complete the Elevating Conscious Leadership journey, they are often excited to approach their strategy and culture more inclusively. InSight frequently helps organizations through a company-wide strategic planning process that gives everyone a voice and more ownership and understanding about their role in achieving the mission, vision, and strategy. 

When asked what they found most valuable about the experience, past participants have said: 

“Being able to connect with other leaders in a different aspect in a secure and safe space. Also, this journey made me think outside the box and really step out of my comfort zone.” – Past program participant

“It’s hard to single out one most valuable part because the full package (e.g. individual coaching, group sessions, individual homework, and group project) all held value which contributed to the other and removing any one of those parts would compromise the overall impact.” – Past program participant

What is your business doing to ensure meaning, purpose and people development is core to your workplace? We’d love to bring Elevating Conscious Leadership to your organization!