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Hello clients and friends,
The opening poem is beautiful representation of these days leading up to the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year. While our culture engages us in the hustle and cheer of shopping, attending parties and preparing feasts this time of year, we can slow down and take time to reflect and honor these shorter days and longer nights. It is a powerful transition point between the earths’ seasons and can also represent a powerful transition point for you. As we embrace the longest hours of darkness, we are also preparing for the rebirth of the sun. This is a time to look within yourself, set intentions and prepare for change within yourself. This week an executive leadership team kicked off their SHIFT Leadership Journey with InSight and this was perfect timing to embark on their journey of emergence. What is emerging in you?

Are you ready for a one-on-one transformative journey? Give yourself the gift of executive coaching.

Is your leadership team ready to deepen their development and evolve your organization? Give them the gift of InSight’s SHIFT Leadership Journey.

Does your organization need a little inspiration? Give them the gift of an interactive workshop.

Here is what our clients are saying about their investments in deep growth for themselves and their teams.

“I wouldn’t have gotten to my current level of leadership without this guidance.”
Jenny Lang Burns, FNP
Director of Programs, Mountain Family Health Centers


“The leadership program has been life changing for me as a CEO. I now have more concrete knowledge on what type of leader I am now, and where I want to be as a leader a year from now. I have tools and resources available to me to make changes at my company that will help staff and BOD members be more effective and engaged.”
Healthcare CEO


What is emerging in you? We’d love to take the journey with you.


Wishing you renewal and joy during this winter solstice,