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Case Study

Leading Change:

Strategic Growth Amidst Leadership Change

highline academy
Industry: Education
Revenue: Less than $1M/year
Employees: 50

How Highline Academy turned a period of rapid change into one of rapid productivity.

Insight’s approach is about creating structure FOR YOU. There isn’t a list of things you have to do; everything is organic, and built around your needs, and connected to the people who take it on. If we hadn’t gone through the process of improving our leadership and culture, I think I would be looking at losing board members.

Chris FerrisExecutive Director, Highline Academy

Renewed Focus & Streamlined Committees

With Renelle’s help, Highline’s board decided to consolidate their seven committees into just three in order to focus on the core initiatives in their new strategic plan: Student excellence; brand awareness; and an improved adult culture. Renelle follows up after board meetings to ensure everything continues to tie back to their strategic plan.

The Results

A stronger structure, a renewed sense of trust, and improved communication has enhanced performance and life at Highline Academy. The board is able to focus on oversight and long-term planning, and Executive Director Chris Ferris reports “I no long feel like I’m dragging people along. I’m effective in sharing my vision and everyone’s inspired, so we move faster on our initiatives.”

Other impacts and results of the Insight approach include:

  • Scores on areas such as trust and happiness on a survey of parents were 15-25% higher than those on the same survey conducted by an outside consultant in the prior year.
  • An increase in the number of board members and their overall engagement with the school’s mission.
  • Executive Director Chris Ferris reports that they’re moving faster on all strategic initiatives.

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