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TRC Healthcare thrived during an acquisition by enhancing visionary leadership

Executive Summary

After being acquired by Levine Leichtman Capital Partners and adding three new members to their executive team in a six-month period, TRC Healthcare had an ambitious growth plan—and they needed a cohesively functioning executive team to match it. By partnering with Insight Coaching & Consulting, newly hired executives have gotten up to speed in half the time, relationships throughout the team are stronger, and dispersed team members collaborate more effectively. By tapping into the power of collective, visionary leadership, TRC Healthcare has successfully raised its level of performance in preparation for its current growth goals.

TRC Healthcare Corporate Overview

Founded in 1985, TRC Healthcare provides medication learning through concise news, unbiased recommendations, and relevant educational services that support decisions that positively impact the quality of patient care. Nearly 500,000 healthcare professionals rely on TRC for evidence, research, and relevant information each month.

Building Connection & Boosting Performance

We worked with TRC Health’s executive team to determine their shared areas of growth, and where everyone thought they needed to go. As part of a two-day session, the team worked through their communication needs—everything from the way they communicate face-to-face and remotely, to meeting structure, and the way decisions are made. They used The Leadership Circle Culture Survey™ to understand not only how everyone viewed the existing TRC’s existing leadership culture, but also how that reality compared to their optimal desired culture. From there, we’ve moved the team through individual executive coaching including use of The Leadership Circle Profile, beginning with key players of the executive team.


Industry:  Publishing
Revenue: $20M
Employees: 80

Since walking through the Leadership Circle with Insight, we’re a lot more aware of how we’re communicating and and how we’re relating. Renelle came at things with a very non-judgemental style. She framed feedback in a way that people on our team could truly hear it. She’s tough when she needs to be and introduces small adjustments that make a huge impact.
Michelle Trudeau

VP of Human Resources, TRC Healthcare

“Everyone is heard now”

The executive team now has tools they can apply everyday as they work to achieve new revenue targets and expand that company’s customer base. They report having effective ways to voice concerns when things aren’t in alignment and feeling more open with each other. “We now have a calm approach in interactions and everyone is heard now” says their VP of Human Resources. “We’re balanced.”