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When I first picked up Dan Sullivan’s book, “10x is Easier than 2x”, I was expecting strategies on how to scale my goals up by tenfold. What I found was something much more profound: a roadmap for deep personal change that enhances everything you do.

This coincides beautifully with the conscious leadership coaching I do with executives and organizations where leaders transform from the inside out. It’s about evolving into the leader and human you’re meant to be.

Conscious leadership guides you to look inward, challenging you to lead not from a place of safety, but from a deep sense of purpose.

Similarly, “10x is Easier than 2x” shifts your mindset from linear, incremental growth to massive, transformative change. It’s not about doing ten times the work; it’s about making ten times the impact. This isn’t achieved through more effort, but through more inspired vision and a radically different understanding of yourself and your capabilities.

Integrating the insights from both conscious leadership and the 10x philosophy will deepen your leadership and business practices, making them more holistic and impactful. It involves tuning into your intuition, harnessing your full range of intelligences, and turning your leadership approach into an expression of your personal and professional calling.

The summary below points to the core of some of these shifts that take a commitment to look deeper and the courage to flourish into the truest expression of yourself.

Making the Shift: Simple, Not Easy

Internal Change Precedes External Impact: Before we see change externally, it must ignite internally. Both conscious leadership and the 10x philosophy start with a fundamental shift in how you view yourself as a leader and human. This deep, internal shift goes beyond superficial changes, challenging you to rewrite your own story and redefine your identity.

Redefining Beliefs & Standards: “10x is Easier than 2x” suggests that your identity hinges on two key aspects: the stories you tell yourself and the standards you live by. Conscious leadership challenges you to examine and reconstruct these narratives and beliefs, fostering growth beyond limited and linear ‘either/or’ thinking and embracing the ability to hold multiple perspectives.

Valuing Uniqueness Over Uniformity: Every human is unique and has a unique purpose.  So many organizations and leadership philosophies forget this and encourage conformity. Conscious leadership and the 10x approach recognize the power of individuality and the power of our unique super powers to create synergy within a collective culture.

Freedom Over Fear: Being a more conscious leader and embracing 10x helps you choose freedom and purpose over fear. It champions wanting over needing saying that wanting is abundance-minded and creative whereas needing is scarcity-minded and reactive. Therefore, you become more aligned with what you truly want and operate from a place of inspiration rather than obligation. This is a shift from being driven by external pressures to being guided by internal vision and purpose.

Expanding Capacity From Busy to Spacious: Engaging in conscious leadership and 10x work requires a shift from the traditional structure based on quantitative, linear models of busyness and effort to one focused on flow, creativity, and results.  This shift isn’t just about doing less—it’s about achieving more by creating the mental and emotional room necessary to innovate and lead effectively. One of the most important things we can do for ourselves and the organizations we lead is to address and understand the risk of busyness and see the advantage of creating more spaciousness.

“The scariest and most exciting thing you will ever do is be your truest self, holding nothing back, and with no apology.” Dan Sullivan

Why This Matters

In our fast-evolving world that needs so much healing, old-school leadership methods fall short. We need leaders who dare to reinvent themselves. We need leaders who are ready to step up in a way that’s radically different—leaders who are prepared to transform themselves and by extension, to transform the culture of their organizations.

Embracing these shifts isn’t just about enhancing your leadership toolkit; it’s about fundamentally transforming your mindset and identity, which leads to a complete evolution in how you operate within your organization and interact with the world.

It’s about becoming more—not just doing more. This is your invitation to become the leader and human you are meant to be.

These are the strategies for a new era.  Are you ready?