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Resilience Through Emotional Intelligence

A shift in culture helped Mountain Family Health Centers succeed in a tough political landscape

Executive Summary

No longer a “mom and pop shop”, but an organization with a large footprint, Mountain Family Health Centers addressed the growing pains associated with doubling the number of its employees with the help of Insight Coaching and Consulting. Over an 18-month period, the organization got back to its sense of wholeness and well-being of people in its work, leading to improved retention, increases in value-based contracts for the network, and uniting executive leaders.

Mountain Family Health Centers Overview

Mountain Family is a nonprofit, community-led, Federally Qualified Health Center system. It currently serves more than 19,000 patients who lack private health insurance through a network of healthcare facilities along the I-70 corridor in Colorado.

Connecting Growth to Emotional Intelligence

Over the last 18 months, we’ve taken Chief Executive Officer of Mountain Family Health Centers, Ross Brooks and his extended executive team on a full journey of growth. Through offsite retreats held every six months, and smaller monthly peer coaching groups, we’ve taken the team through The Leadership Circle™ and have explored Frederic Laloux’s concept of the Teal Organization to begin introducing new structures and management practices to Mountain Family.

Creating Shared Vision & Shared Ownership

The disconnect between leaders and staff at Mountain Family continues to fade after our work with the team. CEO Ross Brooks remarks, “We now collectively own the wellbeing of this company.” The team has established frameworks for a number of business scenarios and is currently evolving its performance management process.

Industry: Healthcare
Revenue: $13M
Employees: 175

Renelle helped us get to the meat of conversations much quicker. We have a common language as an executive team, as well as deeper trust and collaboration. It really comes down to everyone being the most whole authentic people they can be. Ross Brooks

Chief Executive Officer, Mountain Family Health Centers

The Results

Gaining a better sense of who they are leaders increased Mountain Family’s leadership connection to not only its employees, but to the greater good. That connection, paired with transparent communication has allowed the organization to remain resilient and achieve the following outcomes:

  • Decreased turnover and staff surveys that report “feeling more as team.”
  • 25% improvement across four main strategic outcomes.
  • An uptick in the number of value-based contracts for the network, reducing the focus on volume and increasing their ability to improve the wellbeing of patients.