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A Personal Note on Purpose

Many of us are driven everyday by some purpose. Some of us have multiple purposes.  For me, the core purpose of my life and how I show up in my business and to my clients has been driven by the events of 2009-2012. It wasn’t too long after I started InSight that I started a journey of transformation and a dear friend of mine was part of that. Jax was diagnosed with cancer on July 15, 2009 and left this earth on February 8, 2012.  In the midst of that I gave birth to my first child on July 15, 2011.  The pictures and posts below give you a glimpse of that journey and show the power of love and purpose.  Today, we celebrate Britton and Jen’s marriage which kicks off the national #ribboning campaign for a great organization – www.mylifeline.org. On this day, I not only want to make you aware of this organization but want to encourage you to live your purpose and come from a place of love in every way you can. In turn, I will promise the to do the same.

Jax’s post on www.mylifeline.org on the day Aria was born:

“On to even more exciting news, my dear friends Renelle & Chris gave birth to their first child, Aria Noelle Darr. She was born July 15 at 6:36pm. They were incredibly generous, allowing me to share in their experience. Since I will never get to give birth, I really longed to live through that experience. Bless them for giving me that chance. Renelle, Chris & Aria made it seem so easy, amazing and loving. I am so grateful for the opportunity. Above is a photo of me and Aria, shortly after she entered our world. Everyone is doing outstanding!

So, July 15 also marked the 2 year anniversary of my initial cancer diagnosis. Thanks to Aria, what could have been a tough day to remember, I now have amazing, wonderful, life-inspiring memories. A true reason to celebrate. Thank you, Aria, for reminding me how wonderful and valuable life really is. Thank you for bringing more joy back into my life. Thank you for reminding me how fragile & wonderful life really is.”

Britton & Jen’s story:

finding love. . .again
finding love. . .again

Our family’s support of Britton, Jen, Jax, Ruben and #Ribboning!

We will be pledging support (contribute here) of this organization to celebrate Britton and Jen’s wedding, the memory of our dear friend Jax and the courage to live your purpose!

“Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction.” 

    –John F. Kennedy