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Meditation in Business

When most of us think of the word ‘meditation’, we imagine a monk or a yogi sitting cross-legged and silent.  The thought of doing something like this seems boring and unproductive.  Or we think, there is no way I could that. Many of us wonder what are the benefits?  Many of you are probably wondering, how is meditation associated with business?

As western science (particularly neuroscience) catches up with those monks and yogis, it turns out that meditation is a powerful practice that can unleash all sorts of benefits in our life including our work.

What are the benefits of meditation?

Meditation helps you be more focused which leads to better decision making and productivity. It also helps to regulate your emotional impulses which relate to focus, stress management and better communication. Further, meditation helps to stimulate creative thought (think innovation).

I recommend researching the benefits of meditation on your own.  Here is a link from the Harvard Business Review Blog on meditating and another from Business Insider on CEO’s who meditate.

How do I meditate?

The most simple and effective way to practice meditation (also called mindfulness) is to find a quiet place to sit for just 10 minutes (set a timer on your phone) a few times a week. You can go longer as you get more practice or increase the number of days. Be sure to silence your phone and close your email! You can sit on a chair with both feet on the floor or whatever position is most comfortable for you. Keep your eyes open, but unfocused and look slightly ahead of you and slightly downward.  Next, concentrate on your breathing by noticing how the air moves in and out of your body.  It is not necessary to empty your mind of thoughts, but as thoughts come to you, observe the thoughts and then let them go by refocusing back to your breathing.

As we embrace a new year, I know you have many goals, plans and resolutions for yourself and the teams you lead.  How about using meditation as one tool to obtain them?

“I never came upon any of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking.”

– Einstein