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Why Emotional Intelligence?

We have grown up learning about rational intelligence known to many as our IQ, but how much do we really point out the other crucial side of our intelligence – the emotional side?  This type of intelligence is what often makes the difference between an average employee and an outstanding employee, a qualified lead and a sale, or a good organization and a great organization.  Daniel Goleman, known to many as the Godfather of Emotional Intelligence (EI) attributes 80% of our success in work and life is attributed to our EI, while only 20% to our IQ.

EI Can Be Improved – The good news is that EI is a set of behaviors and can be improved anytime throughout our lives.  It is best improved through coaching but there are other techniques as well.

The 4 EI Quadrants – Emotional Intelligence is made up of 4 quadrants: Self AwarenessSocial AwarenessSelf Management and Relationship Management with 18-24 specific competencies.  Some competency examples are emotional self awareness, empathy, achievement drive and visionary leadership.

The First Step – Awareness if the first step in understanding and improving our emotional intelligence. Have you asked yourself any of the following questions lately: Am I aware of my emotions? Do I accurately assess myself? How is my self confidence? Do I have empathy? Do I understand the emotional currents in my organization? How well am I serving others?

A Lifetime of Learning – Whether your emotional intelligence is high or could use a little work, it is an aspect of our life that we must always pay attention to.  Since emotional intelligence can be learned, it can also be unlearned especially during times of change or stress. When was the last time you assessed you or your organizations’ emotional intelligence?

“Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness.”

– James Thurber