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Through working with Renelle as a coach, I have been able to successfully develop and refine my leadership skills in order to effectively lead our team and organization into the future. Renelle is extremely resourceful and has the unique ability to provide the appropriate insight at precisely the right moment to encourage self actualization and growth. She is supportive, consistent, and innovative in guiding her clients to bring about changes that lead to alignment with personal and professional values and goals. She uses a variety of valuable tools and techniques to unlock potential and to sustain and measure progress through ongoing feedback.

-Healthcare CEO

On a daily basis, we use the tools and skills given and taught to us, which keeps us moving forward. The kindness, support, leadership, guidance, and coaching provided to me over these past 2 years has made me not only a better leader, but also a better person.

-State of Colorado Division Director

Renelle is a clear, persuasive and extremely effective leader who brings valuable experience guiding leaders to find the best of themselves and their teams. If your organization suffers from The Peter Principal, and many do, Renelle's approach will provide your leaders with the tools and resources they need to be successful as they grow winning teams and therefore, the overall business.

-Public Relations Executive

Renelle expertly weaves intelligence, compassion, and enthusiasm into projects - effectively motivating team players to overcome obstacles and produce wonderful outcomes. Change can be unsettling for many people, but Renelle has a unique ability to facilitate trust and build unity - enabling meaningful transformations to occur.

-Education Executive

I thought that it was very informative and useful. It provided information to help us as a group and individually in our job.

I loved it! I think EI is something that any thoughtful person can find a place for in their professional and personal lives. In terms of professionally, I especially liked how she briefly discussed the leadership/EI connection. I think this specifically was useful for the team and supports the academic mission of Regis to turn learners into leaders—and strong leaders seem to rate high on the EI scale.

I appreciated the opportunity to learn about EI and enjoyed Renelle’s presentation. Overall, it was a good reminder to keep balance.

I enjoyed Renelle’s presentation – I’d love to have her back!

-Participants in a Speaking Engagement on
   Emotional Intelligence

Renelle's insights and guidance proved essential in helping me chart a new path for my business. Through the effective use of tools, assessments and constructive questioning, she helped me step back and examine where my business is at, where I want it to go and how I want to get there. Of course, any future success hinges upon a number of factors, but Renelle's approach to the process and ongoing support helped instill the confidence to forge ahead in a new direction.

-Small Business Owner

Renelle Darr is one of the finest coaches I’ve ever worked with. She has the willingness to listen, the ability to ask thought-provoking questions, and the desire to help people move forward to achieve their personal and professional goals. By working with her, I have been able to achieve greater personal and business success than ever before.

-Small Business Owner and President

Renelle's strong drive for results are coupled with deep expertise and a creative mindset. Her positive spirit, high energy, and passionate commitment bring out the best in others - and her professionalism allows her to deal easily with all levels of an organization. A truly great collaborator.

-Healthcare Manager

We wanted to express our deep and enthusiastic thank you for the exceptional services you provided to our group over the last few months. During every step of the process we felt well informed and confident that you were looking out for our best interests. Your willingness to meet at flexible times and places was more than accommodating as well.

We especially appreciated how you were always ready with information, options, and advice but never forced a decision upon us. Your extensive knowledge and abilities as a consultant, interviewer, and facilitator were most valued by us and the group. Thank you again for a very pleasant experience. We can definitely recommend you!

-District Religious Institution Leadership

The Emotional Intelligence & Yoga Workshop was enlightening and inspiring. Renelle Darr and Lisa Wolf are both experts in their respective fields, and their synergy in combining the two fields of study provided practical ways to be a more effective leader. They helped me understand the importance of emotional competence and how directly it ties to success professionally and personally. I highly recommend this workshop for individuals looking for a creative way to improve the quality of their work and personal lives.

-Healthcare Program Manager